How to choose the best packing bench

Packing stations are areas where workers pack products ready for shipping. A key component of any such station is the packing table, as an (more…)

Speed up packing times with quality packing benches

If a business has a high volume of orders that need dispatching every day, it is important that this process is fast and (more…)

Packing benches: part of a perfect packing station

Packing benches are a key part of a packing station. The perfect packing station probably does not exist, but most warehouses can improve the efficiency of their packing stations with better (more…)

Reduced waste packing services being trialled

Tesco has partnered with TerraCycle to trial a zero-waste platform called Loop. (more…)

Order processing systems need efficient packing stations

A badly designed packing station slows down order processing, decreases packers productivity, and increases errors. With poor systems in place, companies can quickly find themselves with a bad reputation for slow delivery (more…)

Six tips for the best use of warehousing packing equipment

Warehouses aim to speed up the order fulfilment process, and a packing station needs to be organised to quickly dispatch orders with no errors. There are (more…)

What makes the perfect packing table?

If your business packs and dispatches many orders each day, you need an efficient and organised warehouse. Every item of warehouse equipment needs to (more…)

How volume packing benches cope with the surge of online clothing orders

Many high street clothing retailers are expanding their online businesses in order to survive, and need well-designed packing benches to do (more…)

The importance of top quality packing benches

Packing benches are an important element of an efficient packing station that speedily packages goods ready for dispatch.

High street retailers are (more…)

What does a picking trolley designer do?

Busy warehouses depend on pickers with trolleys to pick items from shelves. A picking trolley is a simple technology that has been used in (more…)

Packing benches – the heart of the packing station

A packing station is the area where orders are packed ready for dispatch. The packing bench is an essential element of the (more…)

Make your packing station efficient with packing tables

Packing tables are a key part of a packing station. To create an organised and efficient packing system you need to consider operations carried out at the packing tables, because this affects the design of the (more…)

Packing benches simplify the processing of orders

Packing benches are a very simple form of technology, but this doesn’t mean that any bench will do.

When it comes to (more…)

Mobile tables as part of flexible packing stations

As online orders increase, many warehouses struggle to cope with increased demand. Packing stations need to be flexible, and mobile tables are part of this flexibility.

Trying to predict (more…)

How to organise a packing station with sortation tables

Sortation tables are the heart of a packing station, and they are where items are sorted, packed and sent out for dispatch.

It is vital that (more…)

Spend more money to reduce your picking and packing costs

The above title may seem like an illogical statement, but an explanation will make sense of the concept.

The goal of picking and (more…)

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