The history of the box trolley

Box trolleys rely on technology from hundreds of years ago, which still has a place in the modern warehouse. Read on for a brief history of (more…)

The benefits of bespoke picking trolleys

At Steely Products, we understand that our end users operate in a wide number of markets and need to move and store a wide variety of products. Due to this, sometimes, an off-the-shelf picking trolley is not always up to (more…)

Five order picking methods – which is best?

Order picking is one of the most important jobs in the warehouse. If fast and accurate, it keeps customers satisfied.

Order picking is the (more…)

How to choose the best picking trolley

Steely Products does not make a one-size-fits-all, universal picking trolley suitable for every warehouse. End users’ needs vary, and so we specialise in matching the right trolley to the exact requirements of (more…)

How to choose the best box trolley

Different goods and tasks in the warehouse need different trolleys for maximum efficiency. Make sure you choose the best Steely Products box trolley by answering the (more…)

How does a warehouse trolleys supplier improve order picking?

Order picking – filling customers’ orders from the warehouse inventory – is estimated to account for half of the operational costs of a warehouse. By improving the order picking process, considerable financial (more…)

What are storage trolleys?

The answer to the question ‘what are storage trolleys?’ may seem straightforward. A storage trolley stores items and has wheels to move around the storage area. This answer is fine, but does not take into account the (more…)

What does a trolley designer do?

A trolley designer creates the trolleys that warehouses and storerooms rely on, and should do so without a “one size fits all” approach. There are all kinds of items that trolleys carry, from small boxes of screws to (more…)

How can a truck and trolley manufacturer tie in with automated systems?

Truck and trolley manufacturers provide manual handling equipment that businesses need to move goods around the workplace. Large warehouses operated by (more…)

Picking trolleys with steps – ideal for high items

Picking trolleys quickly move products from warehouse shelves to packing stations. To maximise storage space, shelves need to be built as high as (more…)

Choosing the best box trolleys for your business

Box trolleys are very useful in warehouses, storage areas or around the office. At Steely Products, we make several models of box trolleys, but which is (more…)

Making workers’ lives easier with a picking trolley manufacturer

Order pickers are an essential part of the process of picking, packing and dispatching orders. Whether in a gigantic Amazon warehouse or a smaller independent clothing store’s one, it is important that they have the (more…)

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