Improve your warehouse storage using efficient work accessories

Being able to run a storage warehouse efficiently is dependent on having the right accessories for your everyday working needs. These will range from rails and trolleys for hanging and transporting items to benches and stations to (more…)

UK’s first beyond net-zero warehouse completed

Warehouse developer Prologis has constructed the UK’s first warehouse that is beyond net-zero carbon emissions. This is achieved by energy-generating technology that produces more (more…)

Joules announces clothing take-back scheme

Clothing retailer Joules has announced the launch of the ‘Joules ReWear’ scheme to take back clothing purchased from (more…)

Five common mistakes by warehouse management

There are five common mistakes that warehouse managers make that reduce warehouse efficiency. James Burman, in a report for SHD Logistics, said that knowing about these mistakes can improve the smooth running of (more…)

Repurposed buildings could be solution to warehouse shortages

The UK has a warehouse shortage. Repurposing existing building space could provide the extra storage capacity businesses need. (more…)

Joules’ marketplace aids expansion

One way for a retailer to expand is through marketplaces, where third-party companies sell products. Joules is an example of a fashion retailer that has successfully launched its (more…)

Is warehouse automation cost-effective?

Automation may appear to be the solution to warehouse staff shortages and the escalating cost of running a warehouse, but a recent report has looked into whether this (more…)

More new Crew Clothing shops planned this year

The chief executive of Crew Clothing, David Butler, has announced that the clothing retailer is planning to (more…)

Will sanctions affect the supply of warehouse equipment?

The UK government has announced a number of import bans from Russia as part of the economic sanctions following the invasion of Ukraine. Will this impact the supply of (more…)

Survey finds warehouses plan to spend on automation and labour

The annual “Warehouse and Distribution Centre Equipment Survey” has revealed that warehouses intend to spend more on automation, but will also increase their (more…)

Report says warehouses need to be more efficient

According to a recent report that spoke to a manual handling expert, to cope with the increase in online orders, warehouse and logistics businesses need to (more…)

Warehouse drone and autonomous vehicle usage increases

Logistics experts have said that warehouses drones and autonomous vehicles (AV) are making inroads in (more…)

Why is warehouse ventilation important?

Both the condition of inventory and the health of warehouse workers are affected by ventilation systems. The pandemic highlighted the key role good ventilation has in preventing the spread of the Covid-19 virus. As anti-virus measures are eased, good ventilation systems in the (more…)

Crew Clothing to open over 20 new stores

Crew Clothing has announced that it plans to open 20 new stores. (more…)

Material handling top priority for logistics optimisation

The growth of online sales has put pressure on warehouses to process orders quicker and more efficiently, and an expert has stated that material handling should be a priority for (more…)

Report encourages making best use of warehouse space

A report published this month by Colliers has highlighted that Britain is running out of warehouse space. If extra warehouse capacity cannot be found, it is vital for (more…)

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