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Components of an optimal box trolley

The box trolleys we make at Steely Products are based on a simple design, but a lot of engineering and design expertise goes into developing the ideal box trolley for our end users. Read on to learn about the required components of a box trolley.

The science

There are two scientific principles that govern how box trolleys work: levers and the conservation of momentum.

The principle of levers allows a heavy box to be lifted off the ground. Using a box trolley, all that is required is to tip the box backwards onto the sloping side of the trolley to lift it off the ground. The law of the conservation of movement allows the operator of the trolley to easily move the box. The trolley user only has to exert a small force and, applied through the trolley, this gentle force becomes large enough to move the box without straining.

Without utilising these two scientific principles, a single person would be unable to lift and carry a large heavy box. Even if a worker is strong enough to lift a heavy box, they risk muscle strain.

To maximise the use of levers and the conservation of momentum, the sloping side of the trolley should be at an optimal angle so that it holds the box secure, without any danger of it sliding off. The casters on the trolleys should be strong and efficient so that minimal effort is required to move the trolley.

Why tubular steel?

Box trolleys made from tubular steel reap several benefits. Tubular steel is strong and especially resists longitudinal stress and bending forces.

Tubular steel is also hollow and lightweight, which makes it better for trolleys than solid steel. It’s also consistent, maintaining the same thickness and shape along its full length.

Build quality

No matter how well a box trolley is designed, it needs to be made to a high standard. There are three techniques used for tubular steel box trolleys – cutting, bending and welding. This requires highly skilled metalworkers that can perform these three tasks to a high standard.

At Steely, we are not like motor car manufacturers with long production lines and robots performing repetitive tasks. We use machines for cutting and bending, as well as for welding equipment, but we rely on human workers to fabricate box trolleys in small batches. Strict quality control standards at our Manchester workplace makes sure that every trolley we make is strong and built to last a long time under daily heavy use.

One size doesn’t fit all

For many end users, a standard box trolley is perfect for their needs. However, some of our customers require bespoke trolleys. Here at Steely Products, we can easily modify our box trolley designs, change the dimensions or re-design them to fit a particular box shape and weight.

If your business needs box trolleys, give our friendly team a call or use the handy contact form below to have a chat about your box trolley requirements.

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