Creating a bespoke packing station

A lot of businesses with a packing area use standard packing tables, but sometimes standard equipment is not the best. This is when you need a bespoke solution.

The size and number of tables

Most packing stations have a packing table. The first consideration is the size of the table and how many tables are needed. Packing stations require at least two areas – one where picked items are placed and another where items are packaged and labelled ready for dispatch. This may require two tables, one for picked items, and a packaging area. Alternately, one large table could handle both processes. A lot will depend on how large the items are and how many are handled at any one time.

The table needs to be at the right height for the people working there. If the packing station is operated seven days a week, there may be more than one worker needed. If one is tall and the other small, then an adjustable table could be the solution to make sure that everyone can work at a table suitable for their height.

If standard table heights and sizes ae not suitable, why not have custom tables made?

Consider the workers

The health and safety of your workers is important. The design goal of packing tables and stations is to design a system that helps workers perform tasks without putting any undue strain on their bodies. The height of tables and how far employees must reach is an important design consideration.

Future growth

A packing station may be suitable for your current operation, but what happens if the business grows? Your packing station may be located between two warehouse shelves. Your bespoke table may perfectly fit in this space, but there will be no room for expansion. Ideally the packing station needs to be in an area where there is space to expand, so that another table, or larger table can be added when the business grows.


A packing table needs to be strong enough for the job. If heavy items are packed or the packing station is very busy, the packing table needs to be very strong and designed to last. The table should be manufactured from tubular steel which is strong and long lasting.

It is worth paying extra for a good quality table that will last for years.

Getting help

To design the perfect packing station is not easy as there are a lot of things to consider. This is why you need help. There are packing station consultants that will look at your business operations and design packing station systems for you. This can work out expensive. An alternative is to go to a packing station equipment manufacturer who will come to your warehouse to observe your packing operation. They can then supply you with packing tables and other equipment from their standard range or can design a bespoke solution for you. Equipment designed for you can work out cheaper than using a packing station consultant.

Posted by Katrina
10th July 2018

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