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Crew Clothing attributes increased sales to social media strategy

Crew Clothing’s social media strategy has resulted in an approximate 22% increase in sales.

The company sells fashion online, has over 100 stores and sells its clothing range at major retailers such as Marks & Spencer, Next, and John Lewis. It recently partnered with Nest, a social media performance firm, to target the acquisition of new customers to its website. Prospective clients were directed to the Crew Clothing website, where media marketing company Wunderkind improved the entrance and exit capture system.

Ally Bradshaw, Crew Clothing’s digital and customer director explained that their campaign was not solely focused on driving traffic, but rather aimed at providing a personalized shopping experience that encourages visitors to return. This is achieved by sending personalized emails containing individual product recommendations resulting in a significant 148% increase in revenue.

Nest employs paid strategies to reach out to people on social media platforms and funnelling them towards the Crew Clothing website, where Wunderkind optimises conversion rates of web traffic, turning visitors into paying customers.

Like all fashion retailers operating within highly competitive markets, Crew Clothing must adapt to changing market trends. Heavy duty garment rails in their warehouses store garments ready for dispatching across various channels including retail shops, online orders and partners like Next.

A significant challenge lies in getting to know customers’ preferences and offering tailored solutions based on their needs. Outsourcing social media and email marketing has enabled a better understanding of customer requirements leading to increased sales figures.

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