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Delivering the best steel sofa display racks on the market

High-quality display racks for sofas are needed both in the storage and the retail parts of the furniture trade. Those who supply furniture to high street shops around the country need to be able to store all of the sofas they have in their warehouses in a way that does not risk damage or take up too much space.

Equally, furniture stores want to be able to showcase the different brands, sizes and colours they have on offer so that customers can browse and find what they want. That is why they both turn to places that can construct and supply racks that will support such heavy items without the risk of damage to the sofas or injury to those in the vicinity.

Last for a lifetime

All of the sofa racks we make are built using tubular steel, and there is no more durable or hard-wearing material around. They are designed and constructed to be capable of holding sofas of a standard size, either for warehousing purposes or for displaying in shops. Everything from the overall frame to the size has been developed through discussions with top furniture outlets in the UK to make sure that the results are fit for purpose.

Display rack examples

An existing model we offer under our range of furniture trolleys, such as the folding suite stand, will hold two normally sized sofas at once, one above the other, allowing both to be clearly viewed. As the name indicates, this rack can be folded up when it is not being used, ensuring that it is not occupying valuable space on the floor of a shop or a warehouse while empty.

Alternatively, our sofa trolley can support a sofa and two armchairs and stands on four hard rubber castors, making it very easy to move even when fully loaded.

Bespoke builds

Of course, on occasion a particular retail or storage company will find that none of the standard models quite meet their needs. That is not a problem for us, as all stages of the construction are conducted on site by fully qualified metalworkers. This makes it simple for us to visit the warehouse or store in question, get details of precisely what is required and then construct made-to-measure sofa display racks along those lines.

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