Expert lists eight ways to prevent warehouse damage

Damage to a warehouse building or equipment can cause disruption and be costly to repair. Expert Robert Brown, writing for Global Trade, has listed eight ways to prevent damage.

1. Identify weather hazards

Global warming has increased the likelihood of extreme weather conditions. Some warehouses may be at risk from floods, and extreme temperatures can cause damage or be a safety hazard for workers. Weather hazards should be identified and planned for accordingly.

2. Regular maintenance

Regular maintenance and inspections are vital. Exposed wires, leaks and rust need repairing before they become substantial hazards. Manual handling equipment, including storage trolleys, packing tables and aisle picking trolleys, should be regularly inspected for wear.

3. Protect loading docks

Loading docks can be easily damaged unless protective bumpers are installed. Dock doors should be well maintained. Clear hazard warning signage is also required.

4. Good lighting

All areas in a warehouse need to be well lit to prevent accidents.

5. Clear aisles

All aisles should be clear of objects. If possible, warehouses should have wide aisles to allow picking trolleys and forklifts more room to manoeuvre.

6. Pest control

Insects and rodents can cause substantial damage. Rather than wait for an infestation, warehouse managers should hire a pest control company to regularly inspect the warehouse for pests.

7. Gates and bollards

Vehicle collisions are a major concern, but installing gates and bollards can help to prevent damage.


CCTV video recordings help identify accident causes. They are also a deterrent for thieves and vandals.

Protecting a warehouse from damage keeps assets and workers safe and prevents disruption to the smooth workings of the warehouse.

Posted by Derek
1st August 2022
Health & Safety

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