FAQs for frame trolley suppliers

A frame trolley is needed to store and move large sheets, and is especially suitable for brittle fragile sheets such as glass and windows.

As a supplier of these useful items, we have several frequently asked questions directed at us about them. Here are some of them:

How much weight can the frame trolley hold?

Frame trolleys can hold up to 1,500kg, depending on the type of trolley.

Smaller trolleys may hold up to around 500kg. Heavy duty trolleys have around 1.000kg capacity, while a high sided trolley may take around 1500 kg.

Your frame trolley supplier may be able to make trolleys that hold more, but trolley loads should not be so heavy as to make them difficult to move or steer.

What is the best material to make frame trolleys from?

The best frame trolleys are made from tubular steel ,because this material is both lightweight and strong. The steel is bent into shape using special metal bending machines then welded in place by skilled metalworkers.

How long will a frame trolley last?

If the trolley is made by skilled metalworkers who make strong welded joints, a frame trolley should last many years with heavy use. The trolley also needs strong casters on swivel mounts.

It is impossible to predict exactly how long the frame trolley will last before it needs replacing. All that can be said is that frame trolleys are not something you should have to replace regularly

Do frame trolleys need maintenance?

Not a lot, but the casters can be lubricated periodically and regular cleaning is advised. If a trolley has been used in dirty environments, a steam clean or jet pressure wash may be necessary.

If a caster fails, it can easily be replaced, and should any joints break, they can be re-welded.

Are frame trolleys a health hazard?

Like all trolleys, frame trolleys are safe as long as precautions are taken. Pushing and pulling heavily loaded frame trolleys can require much effort, and this can cause muscle strains.

Sheets should be stacked on trolleys carefully. A trolley should never be overloaded, as severe injuries can be caused by a heavy sheet of glass falling onto someone. There should also be no obstacles on the workplace floor that could cause a collision with trolleys.

Above all, staff using trolleys should be trained in safe manual handling procedures.

Can frame trolleys be custom designed?

Yes, a frame trolleys supplier that sells British-made frame trolleys will be able to supply custom items. Customising could be as simple as making a standard trolley in a different size.

If you deal with nonstandard items, a designer from the trolley manufacturer can visit your workplace to assess your requirements then create a design specifically for your storage and moving requirements.

Tubular steel frame trolleys are not mass produced, so it is economical to fabricate custom frame trolleys in small batches.

What about the future?

The future of warehouses may lie in greater automation, but this will not spell the end of trolley. Your frame trolley will still be useful and safe for years to come.

Posted by Mark
29th November 2018

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