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The best solution for storing and moving large glass panes, windows and sheets is an A-frame. A-frames are a traditional design that is simple but efficient.

How to store glass

Glass is usually stored vertically on its edge. It needs to be stored in dry conditions, as wet glass slips and is difficult to handle.

Glass is brittle, and care must be taken not to lean it against hard surfaces such as concrete to minimise the risk of breakage. If leant against walls or posts, these should have cladding made of a soft substance such as runner, felt or plastic. It is better not to lean glass against walls or posts, but to use an A frame.

Using A-frames

The best way to store glass, sheets or windows is on an A-frame, as it will store them safely and securely. Depending on the size of each sheet, an A-frame should have an incline of between three and five inches. The frame should either have solid cushioned sides or a number of tubular steel vertical slats to support the length of glass, and horizontal battens covered in felt or other soft material. The size and number of slats and battens is dependent on the glass size. You’re A-frame supplier will advise you on what size is best for your storage needs, and will calculate the load weight and recommend the most suitable racks.

The base of the A frame distributes the weight of the glass evenly. If storing many large size windows, make sure that the floor is strong enough to support the weight. Ground floor concrete areas are fine, but upper wooden floors need to be surveyed to make sure that they can hold the weight.

A-frames can be static or have wheels so that sheets can be moved around the workplace. The casters of the A-frame need to be both strong and move easily. Swivel casters make the frame easier to steer.

Though metal sheets are not as fragile as glass, they still need to be handled and stored with care.


Glass is brittle and a potential hazard. Large metal sheets can be difficult to handle and can therefore an accident risk. It is important to have strict safety policies in areas where they are stored.

The workplace needs to be free of slip and trip hazards. If storing on movable A frames, make sure that the A-frame cannot move when left unattended. This is especially important if the A-frame is on a slope.

If the A-frame stores sheets on both sides, be sure to evenly load each side.

There are several other health and safety points to consider too, such as that employees must be trained in the correct storage procedures. All stored glass should be marked so that people do not accidentally collide with them, and all safety procedures should apply equally to the workplace and offsite.

You’re A-frame manufacturer can supply frames that make the storage and handling of glass, windows and large sheets safe and efficient.

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