Five common mistakes by warehouse management

There are five common mistakes that warehouse managers make that reduce warehouse efficiency. James Burman, in a report for SHD Logistics, said that knowing about these mistakes can improve the smooth running of a warehouse and save costs.

1. Not modifying the warehouse as the business grows

As a business develops, the warehouse needs to adapt. Adding extra storage capacity may be required, or separating the receiving and shipping sections. Any bottlenecks in the operation need identifying and removing.

2. Not regularly inspecting storage equipment

Damaged storage trolleys, pallet racks and shelving are a safety hazard. Overloaded storage equipment is also a danger. Don’t exceed the load capacity specified by the warehouse equipment manufacturer.

3. Poor inventory control

Items for orders need to be available and easily located. Goods coming in and out of the warehouse require monitoring, and waste should be eliminated as far as possible. Warehouse management software helps eliminate excessive stock levels and shortages.

4. Poor training

Poorly trained staff are not efficient and are more at risk of accidents. Warehouse managers should invest in quality staff training to improve accuracy, productivity and health and safety awareness.

5. Not investing in automation

Small to medium-sized businesses may not have the budget for warehouse robots but should invest in warehouse automation software that improves efficiency. Use a system that plans picking routes, guides pickers to item locations, and replaces paperwork with electronic order and inventory tracking. Warehouse management software can save costs, making it a cost-effective investment.

By rectifying these common mistakes, warehouse management can help to ensure their warehouses run much more smoothly.

Posted by Mark
2nd May 2022
Retail & Warehousing

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