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Five reasons to clean your warehouse during slack periods

During the winter months, many businesses have a slack period, which, according to Barry Crockett, the product designer of Brushtex brushware, is an ideal time to clean and tidy the warehouse and the equipment in it. He gives five main benefits of cleaning and tidying:

1. Increase efficiency

Cleaning warehouse shelves requires removing goods first. This is an ideal time to reorganise the goods and discover any items in the wrong place. The operation of the warehouse can run smoother when items are organised in ways that help pickers quickly find what they need.

2. Thorough cleaning

Most warehouses need to undergo a thorough cleaning every few months. Regular light cleaning can reduce the frequency of heavy, time-consuming cleaning operations.

3. Reduce accidents and injury

A clean and tidy warehouse has no obstacles that cause accidents and injury. Cleaning time is also a good opportunity to replace flickering lights and check warehouse equipment for safety.

4. Improve employee wellbeing

A clean warehouse is a better environment to work in, and a tidy warehouse is one where workers can do their jobs better.

5. Make a good impression

A clean and tidy warehouse impresses visitors and clients. A warehouse equipment manufacturer may supply you with the best quality equipment, but if it is covered in dirt, visitors will doubt that your business cares about quality.

Online retail giant Amazon is responding to criticisms of its warehouses by inviting the public to see them for themselves. Is your warehouse pristine enough to be admired by visitors?

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