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Furniture retailers experience business growth

The coronavirus lockdown has negatively affected many industries, including the hospitality and entertainment sectors, but some furniture retailers are amongst the many so-called “winners” that have experienced business growth.

An example of a lockdown success story is online furniture retailer Made.com, which has done so well that it is planning to double its warehouse space in the UK. The company currently rents 225,000 square feet of warehouse space at London Gateway Logistics, where 750,000 items are stored. It is now taking an expansion option, which, over two stages, will double its warehouse capacity.

According to the Evening Standard, Nicola Thompson, the Chief Operating Officer of Made.com, said:

“We are thrilled to expand our warehousing operations at London Gateway as we respond to continued growth in customer demand for our exclusive designs.”

According to analysts at Mordor Intelligence, the UK is the second-largest market for furniture in Europe. During the Covid-19 lockdown, there was some interruption to furniture production, but it is forecast that the sector will grow by 3.2% during the next five years. Around 45% of furniture bought in the UK is manufactured in Britain.

During the lockdown, furniture shops were closed. Though customers were unable to see furniture, sit on sofas and lie on beds, this has not deterred them from shopping online. There is a trend for more quality furniture that is built to last.

The success of future retailers will result in an increased demand for the services of furniture trolley suppliers, which sell specialised equipment for the furniture retail market.

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