Furniture store gives bonuses thanks to booming sales

Online furniture store Made is giving staff bonuses worth over £10,000 thanks to high volumes of sales during the coronavirus pandemic.

While Debenhams and the Arcadia group are amongst the high-profile high street retailers that are currently closing, the news from Made shows that not all retailers are struggling during the pandemic.

Many people are currently working from home and have created home working spaces that require desks and storage space. This has caused a 200% rise in desk sales at Made. Sofa bed sales also increased by 170% after the announcement of the three-household rule over the Christmas period.

The company has paid around 650 staff below management level a share option bonus equal to around half their yearly salary. The Chief Executive of Made, Philippe Chainieux, said:

“The business has faced a lot of uncertainties this year but it has been a positive one for us, and that’s really thanks to the contribution of staff. Without them, we would not have been in a position to continue trading during the lockdown.”

During the lockdown, people have been spending more money on items for their homes. It is estimated that nearly 40% of furniture sales in 2020 have been online. The move to online sales started before the pandemic, but the lockdown has accelerated online sales levels.

Strong furniture sales have benefitted retailers as well as the manufacturers that supply the furniture trolleys, garment rails and other equipment used in furniture warehouses.

Posted by Derek
28th December 2020

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