Future warehouses could rely on tubular steel for their energy

New concentrated solar power (CSP) systems use tubular steel as a key component.

Warehouse owners are looking at ways to make their operations carbon neutral or having zero carbon emissions. To provide the energy needed to heat and power the warehouse lights and equipment, many warehouses are turning to solar power.

New CSP system developed by Genesis Solar LLC uses solar collectors to focus heat on steel tubular pipes that contain oil. As this oil is pushed through the system the solar collectors increase the heat of the oil which is then used to turn water into steam that powers electricity generators. The pipes are surrounded by a glass jacket that acts as a thermal insulator.

A large scale CSP project built by Genesis Solar LLC in Texas took more than three years to build and cost $1.25bn.

Most small scale solar energy uses the PC system that converts sunlight to voltage. PC is cheaper and simpler to install, requiring little more than panels, cables and an inverter, but PV is less efficient that CSP systems.

CSP solar power may be suitable for large warehouses or can be used for a local energy grid that serves many buildings.

A warehouse equipment manufacturer relies on tubular steel as it is a strong but lightweight material for warehouse trolleys, tables, racks and other equipment. In the future, tubular steel may also be an indispensable component of a warehouse’s CSP energy system, helping to achieve the UK government’s zero-carbon target.

Posted by Mark
9th March 2020

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