Get bespoke furniture trolleys from British manufacturers

Furniture manufacturers and retailers such as John Lewis, Furniture Village and Oak Furniture Land need a wide range of furniture trolleys to store and more furniture. Ikea is known for its flat-pack furniture, but not everything it sells is assembled so furniture trolleys are still useful, especially for items like sofas and easy chairs that do not pack flat.

Furniture comes in many shapes, sizes and weights, from lightweight bedside tables to heavy dining tables, chairs and sofas. A furniture trolley suitable for moving sofas may not be practical for a small table.

Custom furniture trolleys are designed and supplied by British manufacturers. To cater for the many different types of furniture, manufacturers make a wide range of trolleys, from simple flatbed trolleys for carrying boxed items to specialist ones for sofas. Beds, chairs and tabletops all have trolleys suitable for storing and moving them.

If none of the standard trolleys are right for a particular type of furniture, manufacturers can design custom furniture trolleys. This is where it helps to use a British manufacturer. They fabricate trolleys in small batches using tubular steel which is both lightweight and strong. To make a trolley in a custom size is straightforward, and no expensive and time-consuming retooling is required. Most manufacturers can make and deliver a custom sized trolley within a few days.

For a bespoke trolley, a designer from the manufacturer can visit the warehouse or furniture factory to look at a nonstandard furniture item and discuss how a trolley can be designed to hold them. A prototype will be made and tested before the final production and delivery of the bespoke furniture trolleys.

If you use a British manufacturer that does not outsource any of the manufacturing processes, it will not take long from prototype approval to the delivery of the furniture trolleys, and you can be confident of a high-quality work aid.

Posted by Mark
31st May 2019

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