The growth of e-business and the impact on warehousing

There is no doubt that the e-business marketplace has had a big impact on the future of warehousing. With online e-commerce taking a larger market share, warehousing businesses have to adapt to keep up with the growing trend. Online retail giants like Amazon and Ocado are investing heavily in

new technology, allowing their operations to become faster, more efficient and more reliable too. With new technology, such as the Amazon wristband that their warehousing staff now wear, pick times and pick mistakes have drastically improved in their distribution centres.

Automated stock management systems can now have full traceability on warehouse goods, increasing efficiency and helping to keep costs to a minimum. The new innovations in technology allow for greater control of stock, with 24/7 inventory updates, matching this with customer demand. Of course, all new technologies require a certain level of capital investment, for machinery and equipment, training and software, which will need continuously updating to realise a good return on any investment. The advice of a reputable warehouse equipment supplier may be invaluable when considering any new systems. For example, packing stations and aisle picking trolleys will need to be placed to increase productivity and enable any new technology to work efficiently.

New technology is changing the way the industry is viewed and managed. The adoption of new e-business technology will support many different types of warehouse operations, but the transformation to a fully automated facility can take time, investment and intensive staff training.

Posted by Katrina
21st March 2018

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