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Heavy duty garment rails make clothing retailers efficient

Heavy duty garment rails are used extensively by clothing retailers to help warehouses be organised and efficient.

Clothing retailing is a mixture of success and failure. In the last few weeks, fashion chain Select went into administration, and Debenhams has reported fallen profits. On the other hand, clothing retailer Joules is performing well and has appointed a new chief executive who is confident of future company growth.

In challenging market conditions, every part of a clothing retailer’s business needs reviewing and ways to make the business more efficient are needed. Demand for clothing is variable. There are seasonal variations in sales and a surge in sales around Christmas. This means that stock levels need to be monitored closely. When there is a high demand, stock levels need to be able to meet the demand. Customers don’t like to find that the clothes they want are out of stock. Conversely, in quieter periods, too much stock can negatively affect cash flow.

Heavy duty garment rails that can easily be stacked and stored when not needed and quickly deployed when demand is high are ideal for flexible warehouses that can speedily respond to fluctuating demand.

A British manufacturer of heavy duty garment rails can quickly fulfil urgent orders when a business expands and needs equipment for new warehouse space. Unlike equipment manufactured in China and Asia, there are no long shipping delays for new garment rails. British manufacturers make strong reliable garment rails using tubular steel for strength and lightness, and sturdy casters that make rails easy to move and steer. They can also make bespoke garment rails suitable for a particularity clothing business requirements.

Clothing retailers that reorganise their operations in ways that save money, and that make packing orders quicker and more efficient, will be the ones that survive in challenging trading conditions.

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