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High-grade packing tables for preparing orders

Getting orders ready for delivery is part of working life in the warehouses where items are stored. This will typically involve everything from the actual packaging of the goods to adding any labels needed, and completing admin processes to ensure that there are accurate records.

In this sort of crowded and busy environment, packing tables that are constructed to withstand the inevitable bumps and bangs can be the difference between an efficient and inefficient operation. Tables with frames built using thick tubular steel that has been powder coated for additional strength would certainly fit that bill.

Only the hardest-wearing materials used

The tables used for order packing and preparation will often have to support heavy loads and so should be built using the hardest-wearing materials for every part. Our tables combine welded steel frames with shelves and tops that are constructed from hard wood and industrial laminate.

That makes for tables that can carry the kind of weights typical within the industry without the risk of collapsing and damaging goods in the process. This is the sort of dependability busy supply businesses need.

Different packing tables for different needs

Alongside standard issue packing table models that come with two wooden shelves for storing items needed in preparing orders, as well as the laminate table for actual packing, you will find a number of other models available via our website.

These include an adjustable one that has compartments for storing flattened cardboard boxes built into the steel frame at the top, as well as a bracket for a computer monitor, shelf for the printer and an optional laminate roll holder underneath.

Another packing table that often proves popular with clients is the weighing scale bench. It has all of the features of the adjustable packing bench, but also offers a plate for standing a weighing scale on, so orders can be weighed before dispatch.

Made-to-measure steel packing tables

There are always rare situations where a customer cannot find an existing table that is the necessary size or that has all of the features they require. That is when you want a company that will come to your premises and find out exactly what you need before making it for you.

Not only do we sell tubular steel packing tables, but we also design and manufacture them on site and have the skilled metalworkers to deliver any design you want.

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