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How a frame trolley manufacturer can keep your workers safe

Frame trolleys are necessary to safely store and move large sheets of glass or metal. Large window manufacturers such as Safestyle and Everest move thousands of plates of glass every day and have strict safety procedures to protect workers from the dangers of breaking or falling glass.

Glass is a potentially dangerous material. If large sheets of glass shatter, they form shards and splinters that can be lethal or cause serious injury. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has guidelines on how to store and move glass safely. These include ones that cover A-frame trolleys, and a responsible trolley manufacturer must follow them.

The correct angle

Stacks of sheet glass need to be stored upright, but at an angle. The best angle for A-frame trolleys is between 3 to 5 degrees from vertical.

Loading the trolley

Frame trolleys have four wheels, one at each corner of the trolley. This makes the trolley stable, but the glass must be loaded evenly on each side to make it balanced.

When loading the glass from the trolley to vehicle, care must be taken to make sure that the glass does not fall sideways when manually lifting. A vacuum lifting machine is often used, which can be safer than manual handling, but there is a risk of a worker being hit as the glass is lifted by the machine into a vehicle.

Safety training

Due to the potential dangers of glass, it is important that all workers handling glass sheets are trained in their safe handling. The frame trolley manufacturer makes strong and safe trolleys designed to safely move and store glass, but frame trolleys are not safe if workers have not been trained in their correct use.

Training includes using the appropriate protective workwear (such as gloves) and how to handle large glass sheets.

The heavy duty castors on the trolleys make them easy to move and steer, but trolleys can be heavy and staff need to be trained in the safe pushing or pulling of trolleys, and how to lift heavy objects without straining muscles.

Make the trolley safe when static

When not moving, the trolley casters have to be locked so that the trolley cannot be accidentally moved. This is especially important if the trolley stops on an inclined surface. A top frame trolley manufacturer will make trolleys with casters that can easily be securely locked so that they cannot be moved, even when fully loaded.

Keeping the glass safe

Glass, even toughened types, can easily scratch which is why frame trolley manufacturers add wood, rubber or carpeted surfaces to the trolleys so that glass is stored safely and securely without danger of being marked.

Not just for glass

Frame trolleys are not just for glass sheets; other sheet materials can be stored in them. Metal sheets may not shatter like glass, but they can be dangerous, so also need storing and moving safely.

Frame trolleys are essential for the safe movement of large plates of materials. With trained staff and regular risk assessments, the risks associated with handling sheet materials can be minimised.

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