How are warehouses adapting to the changing demand for goods?

The coronavirus crisis has caused a fluctuating demand for goods, and warehouses are rising to these challenges.

The recruitment website Indeed has researched the job market to reveal that there is an increase in demand for warehouse workers and delivery drivers in the food and beverage sectors.

Pawel Adrja of Indeed said:

“Some employers are increasing their efforts to hire for roles that help keep shelves and warehouses stocked, and essential goods delivered to businesses and homes.”

E-retailer Amazon is recruiting an extra 100,000 staff. It said that it is prioritising what it classes as essential items, but will continue to supply other goods though these may take longer to deliver.

Shops selling non-essential items are closed, but these goods are available from online retailers. Some retailers have reported a fall in demand as consumers are nervous about spending money because of uncertainties about their future income.

The Lincat Group of companies supplies crockery, glasses and hotel supplies. Though the hospitality and catering industries are mainly closed, it has said that it will continue to supply the NHS who will receive next day deliveries.

Warehouse equipment suppliers have trolleys, shelving, packing tables and other equipment available for any warehouses that need extra storage space to keep up with increased demand.

During this pandemic, the situation is changing daily so it is difficult to predict how the market for goods will change. The logistics industry and its suppliers are flexible enough to cope with changing consumers’ buying patterns.

Posted by Katrina
30th March 2020
Retail & Warehousing

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