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How British-made furniture trolleys help support the country’s manufacturers

Although many items used in business and the home are manufactured in China or Asia, you can still find furniture and furniture trolleys made in the UK.

The British Furniture Manufacturers Organisation has many members who produce quality British-made furniture. These include well-established manufacturers like Ellis Furniture, Manolo, Jarvis and Duresta.

Part of the process of leaving the European Union is the negotiation of new trade deals with Europe and the rest of the world, potentially meaning that British manufacturers can freely sell to other British businesses and consumers without the need for trade deals.

Specialist furniture trolleys

Many items can be manually moved using standard flat trolleys with or without side supports. Furniture manufacturers’ requirements are more complex. For example, sofas and lounge chairs are heavy and awkwardly shaped. Without specialist furniture trolleys, they cannot be stacked. A specialist furniture trolley can carry two or more items staked on top of each other.

Close relationships

British furniture trolley manufacturers have a close relationship with furniture manufacturers. They consult with owners and people working for manufacturers to adapt and modify furniture trolley designs for new furniture lines. They can quickly design bespoke trolleys then manufacture them within a short time. There is no long wait for equipment to be shipped thousands of miles.

To create trust between equipment suppliers and manufacturers, representatives from furniture manufacturers are welcome to visit the trolley manufacturers to see how they are made. Highly skilled metal workers, cut, shape and weld lengths of tubular steel to create trolleys.

Trolleys are made in small batches, not huge production lines, and this makes quality control easier. Trolleys can be made in custom sizes without the need for expensive retooling.

If a design has been extensively been modified, prototypes are made and tested before ordering a number of trolleys.

Commitment to quality

British furniture trolley manufacturers, just like the furniture makers they supply, have a commitment to quality. Many households have stopped buying mass-produced furniture in favour of better-built furniture made from solid wood. This furniture costs more but will last longer. Quality furniture is an investment that makes long-term financial sense. Long after furniture assembled from flat packs has worn out and needs replacing, solid wood British made furniture will remain in a good condition.

British furniture trolley makers design with two aims in mind – performance and durability. In busy furniture workshops, trolleys are heavily used and need to be reliable. They have to be strong, with quality casters that enable them to be easily moved and steered.

British manufacturing may have diminished during the last few decades, but a strong manufacturing sector remains. Many consumers want to buy British where possible, and manufacturers appreciate the close relationship they have with the nations equipment suppliers.

Leaving the European Union has focused politicians on the British economy, and how British businesses can keep profitable in a post-EU world. Furniture manufacturers and the furniture trolley suppliers that support them are largely optimistic about their financial future after Brexit.

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