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How furniture trolleys can help maximise warehouse space

Anyone running a furniture warehouse will know that space can sometimes be a real problem. Beds, sofas, chairs and other major pieces of furniture are sizeable items that occupy a great deal of room when they are being stored.

The best way to make the most out of the space you have in your warehouse is to find a solution that allows them to be safely stored while minimising the room they take up – and that is what good furniture trolleys should offer.

Two items on one trolley

Your warehouse space can be increased if large items of furniture such as beds can be stored on top of each other, rather than side by side. Of course, if you attempt to just put one sofa on top of another, the chances of it falling and getting damaged would be high.

That could also be dangerous for employees working in the warehouse. However, a heavy duty sofa trolley that is made of tough tubular steel and has two separate levels would be the perfect solution.

One sofa will sit above the other, neither coming into contact, and the steel frame would be guaranteed to take the strain. You would be left with more room for storage and for moving about.

Multiple mattress storage

Mattresses are also large, bulky items that can easily eat up the space in a furniture warehouse without efficient storage solutions. Even stacking them on top of each other on the floor will mean they have to be laid on their backs, which will occupy a lot of floor space.

What is needed to enable you to store mattresses in as little space as possible is a trolley that can support multiple ones stacked sideways on, over more than one level.

This would have to be constructed from the most durable material possible, both to make sure that it could withstand the weight and to guarantee the safety of workers. Mattress stillages with frames welded together out of powder-coated tubular steel would fit the bill.

Design for space maximisation

Furniture trolleys like the two mentioned above have been specifically designed with the aim of maximising space. That aim would be further enhanced if you were able to order custom model trolleys fitted to the specifications of your warehouse.

Here at Steely Products, we make all of our steel furniture trolleys in-house and can provide tailored designs. Contact us now using the form below.

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