How ‘quiet equipment’ helps warehouses in residential zones

Urban warehouses located near residential areas need to operate quietly so as not to disturb neighbours, which means quiet warehouse equipment is required.

Online customers are demanding speedier deliveries and this has meant some retailers setting up urban warehouses in major towns and cities so that goods do not have to travel far. Disputes with residential neighbours are common, especially around noise that disturbs sleep. Extra consideration needs to be made to reduce noise levels especially for warehouses operating at night.

Paul Murray of heavy equipment firm JCB says:

“Given that logistics hubs may need to operate 24 hours a day, it is essential that every effort is made to ensure that materials handling equipment in use within any urban warehouse is as quiet as possible.”

JCB has developed electric-powered forklifts for use in warehouses that make little noise and have no harmful emissions. They also save money as they are cheaper to run compared to petrol or LPG gas powered vehicles.

The distance between the urban warehouse and customers’ homes is short and this makes it practical to use electric powered delivery vans that are quiet. Meanwhile, a heavy duty trolleys manufacturer makes trolleys and other manual handling equipment that has quiet castors to make little noise.

The emission regulations are expected to become stricter to reduce carbon discharged into the atmosphere. Urban warehouses that use electric vehicles and manual handling equipment reduce the noise that disturbs neighbours and also help keep the air that they breathe free from pollution.

Posted by Katrina
1st October 2019
Retail & Warehousing

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