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How technology is making steel production more environmentally friendly

Making steel requires large amounts of energy and heat and creates polluting waste products, but new technology is making steel production more efficient and environmentally friendly.

Powering homes

The Organic Ranking Cycle turbines at the Brescia Ori Martin steel plant produce hot-rolled steel. Exhaust gases are captured and turned into energy and thermal power, which is used to heat around 2,000 homes in the local district. This process is estimated to save around 10,000 tons of CO2 emissions each year.

Recycling steel

Steel is part of what is known as the circular economy as it is 100% recyclable. Steelmakers therefore add recycled steel to their products.

Reducing dust

Most steelmaking produces dust and other waste substances that are not recycled, but the Ori Martin plant is using a system to recycle this waste dust.

It has been estimated that for every metric ton of steel made, between 10 and 20 kilograms of dust enter the atmosphere. Gas cleaning equipment is now available to remove dust from exhaust emissions before it reaches the atmosphere.

Minimising waste water

Steelmaking needs a lot of water for cooling. Modern steel plants are installing systems that reuse the water that is used to cool steel bars.

Businesses with large warehouses often have environmental policies. As the steel uses more environmentally friendly ways of producing steel, warehouse equipment producers that use a lot of tubular steel will be able to supply warehouse trolleys, racks and other steel equipment that is more in accordance with a company’s environmental policies.

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