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How to choose the best box trolley

Different goods and tasks in the warehouse need different trolleys for maximum efficiency. Make sure you choose the best Steely Products box trolley by answering the following questions:

Q: What is the box trolley’s weight and volume capacity?

The box trolley needs to be able to carry the weight of goods loaded on it, and safely hold the number of boxes required.

Q: How wide are the aisles?

For most aisles, a standard size box trolley is fine, but if the storage area has narrow aisles, a narrow aisle or compact box trolley is better.

Q: Does the box trolley need to be locked?

If security is an issue, or box trolleys are stored in insecure areas, consider adding a cable tie lock.

Q: How many tiers of boxes are best?

Box trolleys can hold two, three or four tiers of boxes.

Q: Does the box trolley operator need easy access to the boxes?

The Steely compact tote box trolley is a small footprint option that can carry four boxes, but once loaded on the trolley, apart from the top box, the operator does not have easy access to the boxes. This is fine for transporting boxes from one area to another, but is not ideal for picking boxes where multi-item orders are collected in each box. If the items are stored at different locations, the operator needs to easily add orders to any box on the trolley. The tote box trolley gives easy access to three totes at the same time.

All box trolleys are designed to easily remove and place boxes on them.

Q: Is the box trolley durable?

This is an easy question to answer. All Steely Products box trolleys are made from strong tubular steel and are designed to last a long time. They are mounted on strong swivel casters that make the trolleys easy to move and steer.

No equipment lasts forever, but if a box trolley is worn and needs replacing, this can be done quickly. We fabricate all our trolleys inhouse and arrange speedy delivery.

Q: What can be done if none of the standard box trolleys are suitable?

If none of the Steely box trolleys is the exact fit for the workplace operation, it’s time to use our bespoke service. One of our design engineers will discuss your requirements and suggest trolley modifications to better fit your operation. Invite us to visit your workplace to see your storage area so that we can access what type of trolley design is best.

Sometimes, all that is needed is to add a clipboard or tablet holder to the trolley. Steps can be added to allow easy access to highly placed items, and trolleys can be made to custom sizes.

Q: What if I’m still confused?

If you are still not sure about the best box trolley for your storage areas, contact us to arrange a no-obligation consultation for expert advice on choosing a box trolley. Give us a call or use the contact form below.

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