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How to increase warehouse security

Inflation has caused the cost of goods to rise, which has led to an increase in warehouse thefts. Security company Amarok has issued guidance on how to increase security in warehouses to prevent thefts.

The first step is to conduct a security risk assessment to identify weak points and how to eliminate them. A good security system begins at the perimeter of the warehouse, with measures that prevent thieves from entering. While many warehouses have perimeter fences and cameras, Amarok suggests that this is not enough. In addition, perimeter areas should be well-lit with strong fences and alarm systems that detect fence breaches.

Internal security measures include keyless access that identifies everyone coming in and out of the warehouse. Employees should also wear name badges.

Rubbish removal is a common way for valuables to leave a building, so systems need to ensure that only rubbish is removed. Regular random inventory checks can deter employees from taking unauthorized goods.

A robust warehouse security system protects employees as well as goods. Staff personal possessions should be protected from theft.

Warehouse equipment designed to manually move goods, such as furniture trolleys, storage trolleys and box trolleys, can easily be removed from the warehouse. They are usually made from tubular steel, which thieves can sell for scrap metal. Security systems need to detect any unauthorized movements of equipment.

A robust security system in the warehouse protects employees, assets, inventory, and equipment from crime. This saves warehouse owners money and preserves their reputation.

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