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How to move furniture in the workplace

Any business that manufactures or sells furniture needs equipment to move it. Furniture such as sofas, chairs, beds and tables all have different shapes, sizes and weights. Furniture trolleys are used to move furniture around the workplace, but there is no one universal trolley suitable for all furniture.

Moving furniture without a trolley

You don’t need a furniture trolley to move a single dining chair – a worker can simply pick it up and carry it. However, as soon as more than one item needs moving, taking the time to move them by hand is inefficient. If an employee tries to move a heavy item of furniture, they risk muscle injuries or a strained back.

It takes much less energy, and it’s much safer, to move furniture using a trolley, rather than by hand. Moving furniture without a trolley is not recommended.

Types of trolley

Many items of furniture are packed in boxes, and need a box trolley to move them. Small items can be transported using a flatbed trolley or trolleys designed to carry tote boxes.

At Steely Products, we make many types of furniture trolleys that are suitable for a particular furniture type. We make trolleys to move a complete three-piece suite of a sofa and two chairs. If you want to move double mattresses, we have a specialised furniture trolley for that. We also have trolleys for dining chairs and beds, and we manufacture specialised racks that store furniture.

Bespoke trolleys

If your business has items of furniture that aren’t easily carried on standard furniture trolleys, bespoke design services could be the most suitable option. Here at Steely Products, one of our skilled team members will examine the furniture item and design a trolley to fit it. Sometimes, the solution is simply modifying the size of a standard trolley.

We manufacture all our furniture trolleys in the house at our workplace in Manchester. This means that lead times from the initial design consultation to delivering the finished bespoke furniture trolleys is short.

Built to last

A Steely Products furniture trolley is not a short-term investment – you can expect the trolley to last a long time under heavy use. Cheap trolleys that are not made well may break or become damaged. We manufacture trolleys using skilled metalworkers who use strong but lightweight tubular steel that is securely welded together. The steel is powder coated to prevent corrosion. Quality swivel castors make sure that the trolley is easy to move and steer.

Ease of movement

Moving furniture is not difficult if you have top-quality furniture trolleys. We have a wide range of trolleys to move all types of furniture. Most are suitable for one person to operate, but large furniture trolleys require at least two workers to load and unload them.

If your workplace stores furniture or furniture components, talk to us a Steely about the best ways to move furniture efficiently and safely. Give us a call or use the contact form below to get in touch with us.

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