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How to move large furniture items with ease

Manually moving large furniture items is safe and easy – provided it is done correctly. Here are our tips:

Brains not strength

You don’t need workers with superhuman strength to move heavy items. Analysing the task is better than relying on strength alone, as moving each type of furniture requires careful risk assessment and the best tools and equipment.

Pushing is better than pulling

It is a lot easier on the body to push items, rather than pull or lift. Ideally, large items, such as sofas and mattresses, should be stored on specialised storage trolleys that have strong casters that can also be used to move items to packing stations or dispatch areas.

Minimise twisting, stooping or reaching

Avoid, if possible, twisting, stooping or reaching when handling heavy items, as this could result in musculoskeletal injuries. Don’t lift from the floor level to above shoulder height.

Storage and moving trolleys are used to move items around the warehouse, but sometimes, furniture needs to be carried from trolleys at the packing or dispatch station. For sofas and other large heavy items, always use at least two people – don’t be tempted to try and lift heavy items on your own.

All employees that manually handle furniture need training in health and safety procedures that minimise injury risk. The Health and Safety Executive has a handy guide on safe manual handling at: https://www.hse.gov.uk/toolbox/manual.htm

Employers have a responsibility to ensure that workers know how to minimise manual handling risks.

Use the best storage and moving trolleys

The key to moving furniture with ease is using the right equipment, and furniture storage areas need several different types of trolleys suitable for individual items. Sofa trolleys store and move two sofas at a time, and they are easy and safe to use. Flat trolleys with sides are used for moving irregular-shaped items, and they are supported so that they don’t fall over when moving.

Cushion trolleys carry many chair cushions or seats and can easily be moved around the warehouse, keeping the seats and cushions neatly stacked. Inclined sack trolleys hold large boxes for easy moving.

At Steely Products, in partnership with the furniture industry, we have developed a range of specialised equipment to make moving large items easier. We listen to our end-users and provide solutions that minimise strain for workers that use our equipment.

We also advise furniture manufacturers and retailers on the best manual handling equipment they need for all furniture types. Occasionally, our standard trolleys don’t fit the exact requirements of end-users. However, we can design bespoke equipment for individual warehouses so that there is no excuse for not having the best equipment for each type of furniture that needs storing and moving.

We specialise in making well-designed equipment that is made to last. Expect our trolleys to last many years, even when they are used every day to move large items of furniture. For further information and to arrange a meeting, call us or use the contact form below.

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