How your warehouse equipment manufacturer helps the green revolution

Your warehouse equipment manufacturer supplies manual handling equipment that helps warehouses manage their environmental output.

Due to the rise of online shopping and stockpiling goods due to the ongoing Brexit indecision, there is an increased demand for warehouse space. Many warehouses are now operating 24 hours a day to keep up with the work required to process orders. Warehouses can use a lot of energy, and owners are looking for ways to use less energy – both to save money and reduce carbon emissions.

Warehouses need to be sufficiently well lit so that workers can safely operate. Low-energy bulbs can replace higher-energy ones and save energy consumption. There are systems where lights are turned off automatically when workers are not in a particular section of the warehouse. Sensors detect operators approaching and turn the lights on for them, ensuring lights are only used when necessary.

Your warehouse equipment manufacturer makes a range of manual handling equipment that needs no power. Pallet trucks, trolleys, and lifting devices can be used to pick and move items from racks to packing and dispatch stations.

Provided that workers have been trained in safely lifting, pulling and pushing, manual handling operations can be done without straining muscles. Many warehouses still need some forklifts trucks, but research on new fuel cell technology powered by hydrogen promises greener-energy forklifts.

Major warehouse users like Amazon are developing robots to pick items, but they are too expensive for smaller organisations, and they also consume electricity. Greener warehouses will still need to depend on manual handling equipment that uses no energy.

Posted by Mark
8th April 2019
Retail & Warehousing

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