Improve your warehouse storage using efficient work accessories

Being able to run a storage warehouse efficiently is dependent on having the right accessories for your everyday working needs. These will range from rails and trolleys for hanging and transporting items to benches and stations to package them for dispatch.

All need to be built from sturdy materials like steel and hardwood to ensure that they can withstand day-to-day wear and tear. Here are some examples.

Clothing rails

Garments that are being stored in warehouses before they are transported to clothes shops must be stored in a way that ensures they do not get damaged. The best option for that is clothing rails made from hardened tubular steel parts, like these ones:

ST01 – HD 2-Tier Rail

This rail is designed to accommodate clothes of various lengths, with a bar in the centre that can be moved to three different heights on the frame depending on their length. That versatility makes it a very practical and popular choice for warehouses.

ST02 – HD Single Tier

This is a more basic model that comprises a steel frame on two feet. As with our other rails, the feet have hard rubber castors attached for easy transportation. It is a simple but cost-effective rail for warehouse use.

ST04 – Split Level Rail

A rail on which longer and shorter garments can be hung at the same time will be very useful in warehouses, and that is what the ST04 offers. The curved hanging rail means that longer items can be hung on the left hand side while shorter ones go on the right.

Picking trolleys

Picking trolleys are designed to make selecting items from warehouse shelves and transporting them where they need to go a fast and effortless process.

5 Basket 2 Step Trolley

This model is perfect for picking and moving lighter items. Its tubular steel body is equipped with fixed mesh baskets to put items in and two fold-up steps. It also has six rubber castors for ease of movement whether loaded or empty.

2 Step Pigeon Hole Picking Trolley

These trolleys allow for large numbers of smaller items to be picked and transported for packing and dispatch. The steel frame has numerous small compartments built in, which can be designed and manufactured in custom sizes.

3 Step 2 Shelf Warehouse Trolley

Many storage warehouses hold both small and large items, so trolleys designed to carry both, like this one, will maximise efficiency. It is available with shelves made out of rubber, wood or metal and in different sizes to suit all needs.

Packing tables and benches

Warehouses have to prepare items for dispatch to shops, as well as storing them. A packing table or bench suitable for all stages of that process will be a big help.

Packing Bench

Our standard model tubular steel bench has five racks built on the top for storing cardboard boxes, a shelf for tools, bracket for a computer monitor and hard-wearing industrial laminate topped bench. Optional extras include a shelf for a printer and a roll holder.

Adjustable Packing Bench

This contains all of the same built-in features but its main bench is also adjustable on the frame to make it suitable for packaging items of all sizes.

Weighing Scale Bench

This has all of the packing bench features in addition to a cut out for fitting a weighing scale and mesh compartments beneath the bench for storage. It is our most comprehensive packing table solution and, like all of our products, is welded together from tubular steel by qualified metalworkers.

Efficiency in a warehouse requires the right tools. Here at Steely Products, we have been manufacturing and supplying quality products for decades. Use the contact form below to get in touch with us.

Posted by Derek
25th May 2022
Retail & Warehousing

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