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Improving warehouse efficiency in five simple steps

An efficient and well organised warehouse can not only save you money, but is crucial for improving and maintaining customer satisfaction. Ensuring the right goods are sent out on time is a matter of good organisation and sound warehouse management. Here are five improvements that can be applied to any size of warehouse:

1. Optimising space

A good warehouse rack manufacturer, like ourselves at Steely Products, will be able to advise on optimising the available storage space. Tall storage racks can fill an empty void and increase storage space – just remember not to place heavy goods on high shelves.

2. Lean strategy

Developing a lean strategy is a great way to control stock levels. With less stock, pickers can find items much more easily, eliminating mistakes. This in turn means fewer overheads, improved profit margins and better cash flow.

3. Warehouse management systems

The digital technology available today has enabled warehouse management systems to map the most efficient picking routes, sending orders and lists directly to handheld devices. This means cutting pick and pack times.

4. Labour efficiency

Placing popular items close to packing stations, and stacking items that are regularly ordered together, next to each other can save a great deal of time. Implementing good picking plans and streamlining the packing process is a simple way to improve efficiency.

5. Tidy workstations

Finally, a clean and tidy workstation will improve productivity and workplace safety. Warehouse staff that have everything to hand they need for the job, in a well organised and clutter-free area, will not be wasting valuable time searching for the tools they need.

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