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Increased sales predicted for every warehouse racks manufacturer

A new report has forecast that worldwide demand for warehouse racks will increase over the next few years.

The report by Transparency Market Research found that the growth area in warehouse storage is in smaller urban storage facilities that can get goods to nearby customers much quicker.

A recommendation is also made that all warehouse upgrade their racking to make them more efficient and increase capacity. This is expensive, but costs savings can be made through automation.

Not all companies can afford a fully automated warehouse equipped with robotic devices. Affordable warehouse management systems work with manual handling operations to increases the productivity of pickers and packers.

Software applications can integrate the ordering of stock, processing orders, inventory management and delivery tracking. The report notes that well-organised racking combined with an automated system does not necessarily need expensive forklifts, especially when dealing with small items such as food and drink.

As well as the UK, markets are growing in Mexico, India and Indonesia and warehouse racking suppliers are expanding to those markets. In the US, equipment in many warehouses is outdated and needs replacing. In Europe, the growth of internet sales has created a demand for more warehouse space.

The report provides a detailed assessment of the warehouse racks market and also looks at the impression users have of the products from their warehouse racks manufacturer.

After the uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic, many retail businesses are looking forward to busy warehouses handling increased orders.

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