Innovative garment rails at new clothing company headquarters

The Blue Clothing Company designs clothes manufactured by high street brands. The firm recently moved into its new headquarters in Marylebone, London.

The company needed both office space and areas where clothes could be designed and displayed. The architects were given specific requirements for how garments had to be displayed. The garment rails run the length of a large room and are fixed to columns between windows. The windows are covered in lightweight white silk curtains that allow natural light to illuminate the garments. LCD ceiling lights shine on each garment rail section, which creates a mixture of natural and ambient light that illuminates the garments to display them clearly.

Garment rails are made from brushed stainless steel for a stylish look. Many companies in the garment industry use the standard products from a garment rail manufacturer. If a company has the need for bespoke garment rails, like the Blue Clothing Company, they can ask the manufacturer to design and produce a bespoke garment rail.

If garments are being displayed for sale, the Blue Clothing Company garment rail areas show the importance of installing the best lighting to show the clothes at their best. Lighting, whether from windows or electric lights, should not cast a hue that alters colour perception.

Although garment rails can be made from wood or other steel alternatives, the Blue Clothing Company chose to use steel rails, as the material is practical, strong and will last for many years in a busy garment business.

Posted by Mark
23rd October 2018
Retail & Warehousing

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