Innovative new wrapping system launched by employee-owned business

Kite Packaging Ltd has launched a brand new product that promises to revolutionise pallet wrapping.

The new product answers the problem many small volume enterprises face, that sometimes it is just not viable to invest in a fixed and fully automated system of pallet wrapping. The Stretch Safe system is perfect for pallets shorter than two metres high, is completely mobile, and is quick and simple to use and set up. The solution is designed particularly for when hand wrapping is no longer efficient, but there is not enough volume to warrant a big capital investment in expensive wrapping solutions.

A company spokesman commented:

“Research carried out by packaging technologists in our specialist ‘Load-retention’ division identified a great opportunity for a system like ‘Stretch Safe’. We have received hugely positive feedback from customers and we see the new system as the perfect addition to our range.”

Stretch Safe can be used for any object or pallet provided a minimum of 600mm space is available around it, which makes the system ideal for moving around sortation tables and packing stations. A big benefit is that the system saves around 40% more time than traditional methods of wrapping by hand. A roping device is integrated into the Stretch Safe, which creates a rope by narrowing the film, ensuring a securely and safely wrapped pallet.

The development is the latest of a number of innovative new solutions the company has brought to the packaging and warehouse industry.

Posted by Derek
9th November 2017
Retail & Warehousing

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