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Innovative technology achieves supply chain visibility

SIB Solutions, a Swedish technology company, has developed a system to achieve supply chain visibility in the warehouse.

Supply chain transparency and visibility covers the movement of goods, from receiving them from the suppliers and processing orders to dispatch and receipt by the customer. The new SIB system has video cameras that capture data in different areas of the warehouse. Artificial intelligence software then analyses the video images to spot errors.

One of the issues that the technology aims to solve is known as the “supply chain blame”. For example, a supplier may claim that they delivered 10 pallets of goods, whereas the scanning system in the warehouse measures nine pallets. The SIB technology provides visual proof of how many pallets were received.

Real-time monitoring of stock means that there is less need for stocktaking investigations when stock shortages are suspected.

Another supply chain issue is miss-deliveries and goods damaged in transit. The SIB system can monitor the warehouse packing table to spot packing or labelling errors. If a mistake is made, the system can review what happened and provide the necessary information to prevent similar mistakes.

The complexity of warehouse order processing is increasing, creating pressure on workers to process more orders in less time. Under pressure, many mistakes will be made. Visual monitoring technology, combined with artificial intelligence, spots mistakes so that workers and management can rectify them and modify warehouse processes to avoid future errors. The technology is a tool that assists the continuous improvement of warehouse processes.

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