Logistics group to recruit new HGV drivers

The logistics group Whistl has launched the Whistl Driving Academy to train a new generation of HGV drivers.

Many logistics companies are expanding. Consumers switched to online buying during the COVID-19 lockdowns, and not all have gone back to shopping in physical retail stores now that restrictions have been lifted. To cope with extra online sales, many new warehouses have been built or existing ones expanded. This has boosted demand for the material handing and storage equipment provided by a warehouse equipment producer. As inventory has to be transported to warehouses and orders delivered to customers, demand has also increased for logistics companies, which have been growing rapidly.

Recent news stories have highlighted a shortage of HGV drivers. Rather than a complaint about the situation, Whistl has taken positive steps to recruit more drivers. Its driver academy offers HGV driver apprentices to people over the age of 18 who have a driving licence. Those with a Class 2 licence are offered free Class 1 training. HGV training usually costs around £7,000, which many cannot afford. Existing HGV 1 drivers are offered a £1,000 bonus for signing on.

Speaking to The Business Desk, Nick Wells, the Chief Executive of Whistl, said:

“It is important that we invest in the next generation of HGV drivers, and we are delighted to open the Whistl Driver Academy for people who may not have considered this career.”

Whistl moves parcels across the UK with its fleet of 500 vehicles.

Posted by Derek
4th October 2021
Retail & Warehousing

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