Los Angeles clothing store makes use of industrial warehouse equipment

The designers of an American clothing store, instead of going to a garment rail manufacturer that supplies rails for garment shops, used a warehouse equipment supplier to adapt their range of trolleys and shelving.

Browns Fashion is a pop-up clothing store in Los Angeles. To help the store’s operations, trolleys that were designed for transporting goods within a warehouse were customised. The trolley handles were used as garment rails and the flat bases displayed accessories such as bags. Other trolleys had tubular steel garment rails welded to their bases.

Trolleys are placed near the window with large coloured acrylic sheets leant at an angle against the frames of the trolleys to form eye-catching window displays.

All the trolleys have caster wheels on swivels so that they can easily be moved around the store. Lightweight warehouse shelving is used to showcase small items such as shoes, bags and accessories.

The London firm Brinkworth designed the store. Its spokesperson described the effect of their design:

“A range of both luxury and utilitarian sheet materials are simply placed within customised industrial trolleys and shelving to create a delightful and unexpected mix of backdrops and displays.”

This project shows that warehouse equipment manufacturers can create innovative bespoke designs. Usually, there are different specifications for warehouse storage and moving equipment between retail and warehouse use. The Browns project shows that the difference between them can be blurred and demonstrates that adapting industrial warehouse trolleys and shelving can create an unusual but good-looking retail store design that is also practical.

Posted by Katrina
27th November 2018
Retail & Warehousing

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