Make your packing station efficient with packing tables

Packing tables are a key part of a packing station. To create an organised and efficient packing system you need to consider operations carried out at the packing tables, because this affects the design of the station.

The first action that usually takes place at packing tables is checking the order items on a packing list. This requires space on the table to write, or access to a computer.

Packers need to be responsible for quality control and inspect all items for damage. If a damaged item is part of a multi-item order, space needs to be made to store the undamaged items while waiting for a replacement item.

Once an order is ready, it needs to be packed and protected. This requires easy access to packing materials, boxes and protective materials such as bubble wrap.

All packed items need to have an address label. This may require a label printer within easy reach of the packing table. The next stage is to move the packed items to the dispatch area ready for delivery by the carrier.

Detailing the above processes will guide the design of the packing station. Packing tables need to be large enough for these jobs. Shelving should be added to the packing table to allow easy access to all packing materials and tools. A stand to hold a laptop, or keyboard and monitor is needed if order progress is monitored by a computer system. Packing tables need to be at the right height so that workers do not have to bend or stretch excessively.

Packing tables are the heart of the packing system, but be sure to carefully consider the arrangement of extra features like shelves, computer stands and chairs that are added to the packing tables, or surround them to make systems more efficient.

Posted by Derek
7th May 2019

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