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Making the most of the packing station

The phenomenal growth of e-commerce has had a dramatic effect on how warehouses and distribution centres handle fulfilment of customer orders. As little as 10 years ago, using adjustable packing tables was thought to be an innovative solution for comfortable packing, today ergonomically designed packing stations have been designed to offer

the ultimate in safe working conditions.

Science has played a big part in the design of today’s packing stations, and workers can now fulfil orders in conditions very much different than a few years ago. Each station’s layout, with specially designed packing tables, can be arranged to limit bending, stretching, and over-reaching, placing all the necessary packing materials within easy reach to avoid repetitive strain injury. Reducing worker injury has many benefits, apart from safe working conditions, it also has a positive effect on morale, increasing production and ultimately a better bottom line.

Automated packing systems have also done much to improve fulfilment rates. Void-fill components, such as polystyrene, paper or bubble wrap can all be added with the aid of an automated machine, helping the packer ensure the product arrives in a presentable and undamaged condition at it’s final destination. Boxes and cartons can be created on demand by automated systems, helping eliminate waste and lowering shipping costs, while giving the packer a more manageable size to work with.

Packing and shipping is usually the last chance for a fulfilment centre to ensure the customer’s expectations are met, getting the most out of a packing station is essential for good productivity and customer service.

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