Making workplace safety and manual handling training a priority

A safe working environment and the wellbeing of employees is not something that should be taken lightly in any well-run business. Keeping risk of injury to workers at a minimum is easily achieved by following a few basic rules.

It is impossible to have a one-fits-all set of instructions when it comes to manual handling, but an employer should be able to identify and adapt safety steps after a risk assessment evaluation has been taken. Figures show that more than 300,000 people a year suffer back pain after a manual handling accident, so it is vitally important that proper training and guidelines on manual handling are followed.

A warehouse or factory manager should look at the weight, size and shape of objects to be moved. A large load should be divided into smaller, easier-to-lift pieces if possible. Awkward or unwieldly shapes may require moving with the help of specialist machinery or equipment, so providing adequate training is essential. Reorganising facilities, such as storage trolleys, packing tables and display racks can cut down the carrying distance for workers, and making sure that factory lighting is at an optimum can help prevent trips and falls while carrying items.

Providing workers with manual handling training is good for both business and a happy workforce. Any training should aim to give workers the awareness, techniques and technical instructions they need to perform their tasks safely, minimising the risk of injury. This should go hand in hand with constant monitoring of safety measures, and regular risk assessments to highlight any areas where improvements can be made.

Posted by Katrina
15th February 2018
Health & Safety

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