Market for material handling equipment forecast to rise

A new report examining the global material handling market has predicted that sales of warehouse handling equipment will rise significantly, to be worth 190.3 billion US dollars by 2025.

The report by Reportlinker states that the main drivers behind the demand for warehouse handling equipment are the needs for productivity, efficiency and worker safety. There is also customer expectations of the goods ordered being accurate and delivered quickly.

Manufacturers are concerned about having the optimal material handling equipment for what is known as the “first mile” and the “final mile”. The first mile is when raw materials arrive at the factory and need to be stored, ready to be used in production. The final mile is the process that occurs after production, when the finished products are dispatched to customers.

The report reveals that automation can increase efficiency and make warehouse operations safer. For operations where full automation is beyond the budget of the company, warehouse management software can be used to plan picking routes and organise warehouse storage. Warehouse software can also take care of the ordering process, so that components and raw materials do not end up in short supply.

The rise of e-commerce and urban warehouses have increased demand for warehouse space. A British-based warehouse equipment supplier can fabricate and deliver quality equipment made from tubular steel, which is dispatched soon after ordering so that new and extended warehouses are fully equipped to deal with the demand forecast by the report.

Posted by Derek
15th September 2020
Retail & Warehousing

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