Material handling trolley market spurred by focus on safety

According to Transparency Market Research in its recent report, safety is the main reason for the growth of the material handling trolley market.

The compilers define material handling trolleys as:

“Equipment for short-distance movement which usually takes place within the boundary of a building such as a plant or a warehouse and between a building and to a transportation agency.”

This includes warehouse trolleys, picking trolleys and frame trolleys used in storage areas.

The report says that guidelines by regulatory bodies and governments designed to protect worker safety are responsible for a high demand for manual handling trolleys. They replace the need for workers to carry items on their backs. Modern trolleys made from tubular steel are lightweight and easily pushed or pulled safely with the aid of casters.

Transparency Market Research recognises that consumer goods are in rising demand, and this has increased the number of warehouses needed to handle their distribution, thus increasing the number of warehouse trolleys in use.

The report also warns about safety issues, with some workers tempted to overload trolleys causing injury. Pulling heavily loaded trolleys can cause stress on the body. A warehouse trolley manufacturer has a maximum load specification for every trolley it manufactures, and this must not be exceeded.

The report adds that there are particular risks in wet weather, when goods that become wet can be slippery and shift on trolleys, leading to misbalanced loads and the potential for items to fall off.

Posted by Katrina
7th May 2019
Health & Safety

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