Mobile tables as part of flexible packing stations

As online orders increase, many warehouses struggle to cope with increased demand. Packing stations need to be flexible, and mobile tables are part of this flexibility.

Trying to predict future online order trends is a very difficult game. A business that has a growth in online orders doesn’t know if this growth will continue, and has to consider seasonal fluctuations such as pre-Christmas when orders increase.

A packing station needs to be modular so that it can be expanded at any time to cope with order surges. Everything needs to be organised to be easy to reach, such as envelopes, boxes and tape. Static tables are fine, but mobile tables are more versatile. Their wheels can be locked when in use and the tables easily moved when new tables are added to extend the packing station.

A packing station needs to focus on ergonomics so that workers do not have to stretch to reach frequently used items. Table heights should allow workers to operate in a comfortable position.

In storage areas that do not have a high number of orders, a mobile table may be all that is needed to pick and pack items. It can be wheeled to an item’s location on a shelf which is the in packed on the table and taken to the dispatch area. When a business expands, trolleys are better to pick items. The mobile table does not need to be redundant – it can be used as part of a packing station.

If a business is new to picking and packing lots of orders, a modular packing station is useful. After time and the processing of many orders, workers and management may think of better ways of organising the packing stations. Mobile tables and shelves can easily be repositioned to create a more efficient packing system.

Posted by Katrina
3rd May 2019

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