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Monitoring warehouse humidity and temperature can save you money

The unpredictability of the great British weather can sometimes impact on storage and stock items, producing the conditions that are perfect for mould and mildew to grow.

Having an effective system in place to monitor the temperature and humidity within a warehouse facility should not be overlooked, as the expense incurred for replacing damaged stock can make a big dent in profit margins. Other risks can include rust and corrosion caused by condensation on ceilings, walls and floors, and these factors can also create suitable conditions for pests to thrive.

Keeping track of humidity as well as temperature can save you money in the long run, reduce the risk of poor customer satisfaction from faulty or damaged goods, and is far less hassle than having to replace stock or make lengthy insurance claims. Monitoring should be a constant and regular part of any warehouse management routine, as daytime temperatures can differ vastly from those at night, affecting humidity levels by as much as 50%.

One method is to install a wireless system that can monitor temperature and humidity simultaneously. Any system you choose should be easy to install, cost effective and maintenance free, and provide round-the-clock monitoring. The advantage to wireless technology is that sensors can be moved around the warehouse; for example, placed between mattress display stands or sofa racks to provide optimum range of monitoring. Avoiding unexpected expenses from damaged stock or corroded racking systems is easy with a little planning and investment. A warehouse equipment supplier should be able to advise on which system is best for your facility.

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