More new Crew Clothing shops planned this year

The chief executive of Crew Clothing, David Butler, has announced that the clothing retailer is planning to open between 8 and 12 new stores in 2022.

Three of the new stores are expected to open by mid-April 2022, with two in the UK and one in Ireland.

Crew Clothing said that it had committed to expansion plans following successful testing of store expansions during the pandemic.

Butler said that the company will open stores in small to medium sized towns. In cities, its will focus on partnerships with third parties including Next. He said that expansion plans had been delayed over rates issues.

Crew Clothing was founded in 1992 with its first store located at the back of a surf shop in the coastal town of Salcombe, Devon. The company now has around 100 stores in the UK and Ireland and specialises in a classic casual style inspired by the British coast. In 2020, an extra 20 stores were opened, including ones in Milton Keynes and Exeter.

The company also has a large online retail operation, with its warehouse heavy duty garment rails filled with new clothing lines. Crew Clothing has recently partnered with one of the UK’s largest online retailers, Very, to make its clothing range available to Very customers.

At a time when many high street fashion chains are facing financial and supply chain challenges, Crew Clothing’s expansion plans demonstrate that the company is optimistic about its future, helps by a combination of online retailing and physical stores.

Posted by Derek
28th March 2022
Retail & Warehousing

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