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New packaging solution launched

A UK manufacturer of packaging solutions, Easypack Limited, has launched an environmentally-friendly solution for a void fill system.

The technology allows for fast fill of voids in packing boxes left by unusually shaped objects or items that have sharp edges. Fully adjustable and adaptable for packing stations, and pick and pack tables of all sizes, the newly patented system allows warehouse workers to firmly pack items, safely and securely.

Using paper that is one hundred percent recyclable, biodegradable and recycled, the new technology is ideal for high-speed packing. The system uses a patented tear-assist design, giving operators a fast, safe and effortless way to tear off paper without the use of sharp cutting blades. The fully mobile unit itself also has a patented design feature, a telescopic head allows for height adjustment and can be tilted in any direction, making the whole process more ergonomic and efficient. The whole system can be programmed by an individual control panel, where the exact length and dispatch speed of the paper can be pre-set.

With distribution and fulfilment centres looking to maximise output and delivery times, in reply to increasing customer demand, fast and cost-effective packaging solutions are often a priority. The new technology has been found to increase output, help cut packaging costs and can be easily adapted to any packing station. A warehouse equipment supplier, like here at Steely Products, will be able to advise on how the new technology can be integrated into a warehouse management system, and the benefits that can be found.

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