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New pouch system makes handling returns more efficient

A new pouch system has been developed to handle returned items more efficiently for online fashion retailers.

Many ecommerce retailers, particularly in the fashion sector, have high return levels. In a typical warehouse, workers examine returns, and if they are in a resaleable condition, they are taken on trolleys to the main storage area, ready to be picked for new orders.

The new pouch system developed by the Beumer Group for fashion retailers stores good-condition returned items in pouches that are placed in a buffer storage area, rather than putting them with similar items in the main storage locations. When an order arrives for the returned item, it is taken directly from the buffer storage area. As it is already packed in a pouch, all the order needs is an address label, and it is then ready for dispatch.

The pouches can store up to seven kilograms, which makes them ideal for garments. The system is flexible – the manufacturers aim to install their pouch system in warehouses that sell other product types, including media, electronics and beauty products.

Online fashion retailing is very competitive, and to compete on price, profit margins can be low. Any system that improves productivity and saves costs is welcomed by the industry. A warehouse equipment manufacturer also looks at ways to design its equipment better to help warehouse workers increase their productivity and order processing accuracy. Equipment to make the returns process quicker can save costs and increase profits.

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