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New technology boosts welding quality and productivity

New advances in welding technology are helping metalworkers be more productive while maintaining quality standards.

A top warehouse equipment manufacturer makes racks, trolleys, packing tables and other equipment using tubular steel, which is cut, shaped and welded to form strong and durable equipment suitable for heavy use. Skilled metalworkers make strong welded joints that will withstand high pressure. Most welders use tried and tested methods of welding, but new technologies have been developed to make the craft more productive.

Manufactures of warehouse equipment want equipment to be fabricated as quickly as possible without compromising quality, aware that a welded joint that fails when carrying a heavy load is a safety risk. Lincoln Electrics PIPEFAB system is designed to make welding easier. It is a complete welding solution that improves arc stability and performance.

A 7” high-resolution digital display provides all the data the welder needs. The machine makes it simple to set and monitor machine settings so that the welder can concentrate on the job.

If there are problems, error codes are displayed along with what the error is so that operators can find solutions. Welders tested the machine in the development stage and this has resulted in a highly user-friendly machine.

Systems like PREFAB do not replace the need for highly skilled welders, but are designed to make the welding job easier and quicker. Warehouse equipment manufacturers do not have to have the latest welding technology for quality welding, but it can help.

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