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New warehouse equipment eliminates rack damage

Lipari Foods, a USA wholesale distributor, enlisted the help of a warehouse equipment manufacturer to design a new racking system that has reduced its normal rack damage rate to zero.

Due to a high number of collisions, Lipari used to replace rack sections every week. When it was planning a new warehouse needed for its expanding business, it decided to enlist the assistance of a warehouse equipment manufacturer.

The manufacturer used a high engineering standard for the new racks, making them robust enough for heavy use. Installing stronger racks was not enough to prevent all damage, however. Forklift operators previously lowered and raised the forks whilst travelling, and this obscured their view, which was one of the causes of rack collisions. Purchasing new trucks with greater visibility eliminated this collision risk.

Al Moy, the director of warehouse operations at Lipari Foods, was very pleased with the new system, and told Modern Materials Handling:

“[The manufacturer] brought us to a whole new level. We’ve been in the facility here a little over a year, and we haven’t had to replace one upright yet.”

Lipari said that its equipment manufacturer understood its business operation and the company goals for its warehouse. It adapted to the requirements of the new warehouse and completed the project on time.

This project shows how better equipment engineered to a high standard reduces rack damage and warehouse downtime. This is made possible by involving a warehouse equipment manufacturer at the planning stage before expanding a warehouse or opening a new one.

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